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Our mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of others in our community and inspire others to accomplish incredible things.



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Give From The Heart...

"Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, ... and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing."


1 Corinthians 13:3


Charity for Charity has raised close to one million dollars and fulfilled more than one thousand wishes since conception in 2007.


Time, a Treasured GIFT

Time. What a valuable word with powerful meaning. What does time mean to you? Time is a precious thing. Sometimes its GREAT! and you've got LOTS of it. Other times, its HORRIBLE... you run out of it, loose it or even have none of it at all. Time relates to our life, to how long we have to live, for how much we spend with others, to how much we work, to how much we share with others. 

With so much value to it, isn't it INCREDIBLE when someone makes TIME for you? Or, when you make time for others? Many people are blessed by the gift of your TIME. 

That's something I am constantly impressed by, touched by and inspired by... people who give of their time. I can think of MANY people right now, who are so generous with their time in this community, for events, for a neighbor, to help someone move, to stop by and say hello... it goes on and on. 

Running Charity for Charity over the past 11 years, I get to work with some of these incredible people on a regular basis. I couldn't do what I do with Charity for Charity, if it wasn't for those willing to donate their time. How do you show gratitude for someone's time? Well, I do my best with a THANK YOU and a hug when I can. I just feel like there's not much that I can do, that really shows how grateful I am for those who share their time. 

When you give someone or something your time, you are giving them a gift that has no value. No money, no item, no service, just time. It's INVALUABLE. But, the return is something only YOU can appreciate, because you get back the incredible feeling of knowing that you HELPED. You made a DIFFERENCE. You maybe even made an IMPACT that could positively affect someone or multitudes of people for the rest of their lives. 

In the event planning/non profit fundraising community, we need a LOT of people who give of their time. We depend on these people. We can't make anything happen without the TIME GIVERS. 

For example: Charity for Charity is currently planning a half

marathon/fun run in Temecula Wine Country. We needed several people to give us their time... so far we have had time from the following people; all who have donated their time to help make this event happen and it's still over a month away!!!!!!

Riverside County Supervisor, District 3 - Chuck Washington    Chuck's Chief of Staff/Temecula City Councilman - Jeff Comerchero   

Legislative Assistant - Olivia Balderamma   

Assistant- Melody Brunsting

Ben Drake - Drake Enterprises

Aubrey & Leah Finn

Darnel Damon-Diaz

Michelle Haywood

Pam Leonard

Todd Potter

Kam Uli

Alison Wooten

Like I said, this is how many have ALREADY donated their time... and we haven't even started the race! Come the day of.... we'll need up to 40 volunteers to help park, water stations, starting point, ending, medical, fire, grading, marking, etc. I share this to give a small example of the man power it takes to put on some of these non profit fundraisers/events. You might have thought to yourself, "I should help out with something in my community". Well, I would encourage you to ACT on your thoughts. There are so many options and opportunities to help, participate, volunteer, etc. Giving of your time, typically doesn't cost you a thing (unless you take off work or something like that) and it's something you can give free and clear! In Temecula alone, we have to have well over 100 charitable organizations that could use your time!Our Nicholas FoundationS.A.F.EProject TouchPeople Helping PeopleMichelle's Place (Reality Rally - an event benefiting Michelle's Place)Boys & Girls ClubBig Hearts for Little HeartsAssistance LeagueRotaryJacob's HouseSchool programsAnimal SheltersFood PantriesHomeless SheltersChurchesjust to name a few....OH DID I FORGET>>>>> CHARITY FOR CHARITY?????? Of course NOT! We are looking for help NOW!(If you live elsewhere, just GOOGLE search local charity organizations to see where you can help!)If you would like to give of your TIME, find a cause that touches your heart. Find something that you can do that when you leave, you haven't only helped to impact others, but they or the cause has greatly impacted you as well. If you are a student, you have to help to earn COMMUNITY SERVICE hours... so you get a double WIN.... helping to fill your heart AND your time card for school!!!! :) I hope you will give of your time, to someone or something and when you do, I hope that the feeling you have afterwards, is one of humble gratitude for the opportunity. Knowing that you made an impact, small or large, you made a difference with that giving of your TIME. What a greater gift to your community then to donate your TIME. I hope you will. 

























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