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Give From The Heart...

"Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, ... and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing."


1 Corinthians 13:3


Charity for Charity has raised close to one million dollars and fulfilled more than one thousand wishes since conception in 2007.



April 18, 2017

I am someone who LOVES relationships! Before you get silly... relationships in its literal meaning;




plural noun: relationships

  1. the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.

    "the study will assess the relationship between unemployment and political attitudes"

    synonyms:connection, relation, association, link, correlation, correspondence, parallel, alliance, bond, interrelation, interconnection

    "the relationship between diet and diabetes"

    • the state of being connected by blood or marriage.

      "they can trace their relationship to a common ancestor"

      synonyms:family ties, family connections, blood ties, blood relationship, kinship, affinity, consanguinity, common ancestry, common lineage

      "evidence of their relationship to Buffalo Bill Cody"

    • the way in which two or more people or organizations regard and behave toward each other.

      "the landlord–tenant relationship"


I have many treasured relationships in my life. From My personal relationship with God, my intimate relationship with my husband, my super duper special and preciously close relationship with my boys, my treasured relationship with my incredible family, my funtastic relationship with the bestest friends EVER, all the incredible, wonderful, kind and loving friends I have met and made in this community... not to mention all of the professionals I meet who I appreciate!!


I bring up all these relationships to show all the different types there are! I'm sure I missed some that others of you might have, like work relationships, sports relationships, etc...


When I think of all the relationships that I have that mean so much to me, I have to say, one of my favorite "relationships" is the one's I've made with our Charity for Charity beneficiaries... many relationships in our lives are expected. Our faith, our family and or friends... but little did I know, that one day I would be blessed with a relationship with such amazing and inspiring individuals like our beneficiaries. 


Over the years, we have kept in touch with as many beneficiaries as we can. We understand that some, don't care to carry on a relationship with us, but those that will, we absolutely LOVE IT!!!


Last year, after our 10 year anniversary of our Stars of the Valley event, we decided to host 2 beneficiary events and invite all current and past beneficiaries. These events were incredibly special to share in fun and fellowship with our beneficiaries and their families. The gift of these relationships is something that all of us in the Charity for Charity family treasure as well as the beneficiaries and their families. Many times, depending on their life condition, these events are the only social activity all year. They are comfortable with us, for the relationships we've built with them allows them to feel comfortable no matter what they are going through at the time. 


On an even greater level of relationship, is the friendships we've built. Kaitlyn and Amy are in touch with us on a regular basis, sharing in their lives, hanging out for lunch or a movie, etc. Tristan and family are in close touch with us as we continue following his journey of healing, to the point where he even is quoted saying that I am like an Aunt to him. (As you can imagine, this melts my heart). Joshua gets harassed by Alison a lot and loves it. Bethany goes to school with my son Luca and came to his 13th birthday a couple years ago! Payden invited me to her 7th birthday and I was honored to attend and celebrate! Ashlynn is very busy with her beautiful family but they always make an effort to join us and I have had the pleasure of running into them around town and always steel a hug!!! Baden is friends with our kiddos and just invited them to his birthday a couple months ago! Steve and Renee still attend Stars of the Valley when they can and keep in touch every couple months. Dave is as always, a part of my life as his wife is my sisters best friend. Haley and Ayleen are growing up and send us love when they can! Billy and his wife keep our news feed busy on FB but also check in from time to time. JJ, Tonya's hubby is working with us on a golf tournament and half marathon in her honor, so we talk to him regularly right now! AND Kass is diligently attending school, so we don't see her as much as we have the honor of seeing her mom, Donna, because Donna has joined our WISHBRIGADE!!! 


I so love that I have so many wonderful relationships, it makes my life SO complete and allows me to live how I love. Relationships are how I started Charity for Charity and how I've continued it for 11 years. Relationships are how I find my smile and joy each day and how I know that I can make it through another. Relationships are THE MOST valuable thing in life and I am incredibly blessed by each and every one in my life. I hope you are too!!!






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