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Give From The Heart...

"Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, ... and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing."


1 Corinthians 13:3


Charity for Charity has raised close to one million dollars and fulfilled more than one thousand wishes since conception in 2007.


What will you be when you grow up...

April 25, 2017

When we were little, how would or could we know what was in store for us in this thing called LIFE? Funny thing is, often times, our parents have a REALLY good idea...


When I was little, I was... well, lets say... not much different than I am now! hahaha!

My mom and dad would tell you that they knew I would do something with people, something to help others, something where I had a platform. They would tell you that I brought joy, fun, laughter and light everywhere I went. They would tell you this, because they are my mom and dad and their love for me shines bright and unconditional, just like most parents, seeing me in "their own light". 

They would also tell you "I told you so" as they proudly look on at what I am doing with Charity for Charity. Okay, so, as much as we don't like to say our parents are "RIGHT", I guess they were, about what I would do with my future. But how did they know? 


There's attributes to each child that seem to play a huge role in what their adult life looks like. Some kids, are extremely intelligent and you know that their future holds a position such as CPA, Doctor, Professor, Scientist, etc. Other kids are super outgoing and ultra dramatic... in their future you see an actor, a salesperson or maybe a motivational speaker. The nurturers are typically nurses, teachers or veterinarians when they grow up. The athletes, jocks, tough guys/gals may grow up to be Fire or Police or something like that. I happen to be the kid who wanted to be friends with everyone and who always considered those who were left out when it came to school reward/parties, sharing them with my friends as well as those who never got invited by anyone else. In addition, I was the girl who stood in front of the class and sang "Looking for Love" because I learned it on my family vacation to Utah. This led my parents to believe as they did, that I would end up doing something that would incorporate it all. I have to say, they actually might have thought that I would turn out to be an actress first, but when my dedication to driving into LA fizzled, that idea fizzled with it.


Take a look at these photos below... you can tell in these pictures alone, the type of career path my siblings and I chose....




From Left; 

Brandi was a gymnast, became a mother of 3 and the Executive Assistant for a Coding company. A shy child, who was out of her comfort zone having to perform in gymnastics. It did bring her out of her shell, but she continues to be the more disciplined and responsible one of the group!

Nicole started ballet at age 3. She is our animal loving, patient, kind and graceful sister. She graduated college with a Bachelors degree in Dance/Ballet and runs a Dance Studio where she directs the business and shows as well as continues with the patience of teaching dance, mainly ballet. 

ME the HAM of the group. The outgoing, extrovert... can be a handful and always up for anything! Cheerleader in high school, but no drive to continue my education since I did not enjoy the "learning" part of school. Socially, I could MAKE A CAREER out of socializing! Hahaha I kinna do, today. My social skills are my MASTERS DEGREE! I LOVE people, socializing, planning events and am a visionary always creating and planning ideas and activities. Hence the conception of Stars of the Valley and Charity for Charity!

Cami is our "Mamma Bear", the oldest of the 4. She has always been the one to look out for us and take care of us. Cami likes more one on one socializing and intimate relationships. She got her first horse in elementary school and has been a horse whisperer ever since. Her horses are her escape and retreat.  She chose a career as a teacher and it couldn't be more perfect for her. On top of that, her desire to help others gets her all the challenging children placed in her class because she has a GIANT heart to break through to these kids and make a difference. 


So, here I am today, Founder/President of Charity for Charity, a local wish fulfilling organization where I get to use my love for people, socializing and helping accompanied with my creative mind and visionary strength as well as my desire to make people happy and have fun!!! I can't say I sought this one out, but as God would have it, this purpose found me 11 years ago. I couldn't feel more blessed and honored to DO WHAT I LOVE!!!


When we were little, we dream of what we could be. A kindergarten teacher friend of mine, Debi Oddi, is retiring this year (so sad for the future kiddos) and she must have heard every career known to man, that children would want to be, in her 38 years of teaching!  A teacher, a fireman, an actress, a police officer, a pilot, a vet and most of the time, the path we choose seems to match our personality and strengths. BUT! Sometimes, what we think we will do, takes an interesting turn and maybe something chooses us instead of us choosing it. Either way, my wish for you is that you seek to do what makes you happy, that you are able to use the gifts God has bestowed upon you. And, if for some reason you don't get to do what you love, try to love what you do. You are an incredible asset to our society and if you choose to do what you do with a great attitude and giving your personal best, you will be HAPPY doing what you're doing!!!! 






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