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Our mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of others in our community and inspire others to accomplish incredible things.



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Give From The Heart...

"Though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, ... and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing."


1 Corinthians 13:3


Charity for Charity has raised close to one million dollars and fulfilled more than one thousand wishes since conception in 2007.


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The Unstoppables? 

A team of motivational beneficiaries that will bring inspiration, hope and joy to others. By sharing real life, true stories from incredible, unstoppable over-comers, schools, corporations, Rotarians, churches and other organizations will feel encouraged to find new perspective, persevere, be yourself, redefine yourself and not judge a book by it cover! Life doesn't always turn out the way we plan or wish, but in the end, its a choice we have to make, how we choose to live the rest of our lives...these 5 individuals will share how they are able to celebrate life, despite what they have endured! How they all have decided to "Choose Joy!" 

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Get social with us!



Be the first to know about all the action and events!



In loving memory of

Tristan Brockbank

"Choose joy"

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"Our students loved this amazing group. a campus of 2000 enthralled hanging on the speakers every word. not to mention the impact on our campus for our kindness week. If you can only have one speaker this year... book the Unstoppables. you won't regret it."  -Chris Frost, ASB Director West Valley High School

"We got a lot of great feedback from students. They really enjoyed. Again I think the genuine nature of it led to the strong message and it's ability to hold the audience's attention. It was a perfect length and was solid all around. Thank you so much for bringing it to our students. It's always exciting to work with you and amazing to see the things that you're able to accomplish."  - -Eric Burlingham, ASB Director, TVHS

Open the curtains and you’ll  open your eyes,

"As the red curtains closed my heart and my mind opened.  I heard them,  I saw them, I am them.  Physical pains, emotional pains, situational pains, financial pains, and the best kinda pains-those tummy laughter pains-that is what we all have in common. The Unstoppable‘s brought to light that through life‘s most turbulent times we can be madder,  push harder, yell louder, be happier and it’s all OK!  It’s how we respond to the situation that is most important.  The Unstoppable‘s strength inspired me, their quick wit and humor engage me, and most surprisingly  their perseverance got me talking. I left the theater with a fluttery feeling in my chest, motivation in my mind and a determination that  if I open my eyes... I can see more, I can do more and I can be more because I am unstoppable just like them."
- Tracy

"Having served in the educational environment for nearly 25 years as a coach, teacher, and administrator, the Unstoppables presentation has been one of the best tools I've experienced to motivate and inspire students.  The stories of the Unstoppables, and the creative presentation style, calls students, despite adversity and challenges, to strive to be the best version of themselves.  This will be a remarkable event on your campus!" -Principal Allen Williams, TVHS

"I really loved the show and the positivity of these amazing individuals who have overcome so much! They certainly put my everyday struggles into perspective." Kim Kelliher

"FIVE days later, I am still thinking about the amazing attitudes, fabulous personal stories, rapport between all 6 Unstoppables. You each give me courage to want to be better, do better, act better and live better!" - Diane Stumpp

"Thank you for the amazing opportunity to come and listen to these phenomenal people share their testimonies. I found myself encouraged and uplifted, with a new appreciation for the blessings in my life. I brought a group that included my mother, friends, and some of the admin team from ABC. -Malinda, owner of ABC Preschool

"The stories that were shared were heartfelt and inspirational. To hear how lives had been changed so drastically and yet, how perseverance, hard work, and an unstoppable attitude brought each of these people out of their place of brokenness and into a new chapter in their life, touched me deeply. I really felt that the humor that was brought to the situation alleviated some of the more serious issues, it made the whole event feel more comfortable and lighthearted." -Kathryn

"I came with my husband and a couple of other Mom friends and all of our kids who are elementary school age. Our kids were fascinated by the Unstoppables and their individual stories. I think it was a beautiful learning experience for the kids and very raw, real, and unique. I encourage every elementary and middle school aged children to attend these events. It’s eye-opening for them and helps the kids find so many similarities in the Unstoppables that they have in themselves, which brings everyone so much closer and unified. In today’s day and age, school and cyber bullying has grown immensely and it out of control. Experiences like this would undoubtedly create a much greater understanding and bond and LOVE between children and teens. 


I thought the introduction of each Unstoppable was great and all questions asked were appropriate and answered beautifully! It truly was a fabulous experience and we hope they can educate and inspire the whole world, one assembly at a time. ️-Lindsay

I wanted to let you know how much fun the kids and I had! Jordan & Jake havn’t stopped talking about the incredible people they met last night.  What an amazing program and we are forever blessed to have heard their stories! Please thank your sister & Charity for sharing the Unstoppables with us last night and giving their time to a much needed cause.  They are truly changing the world one life at a time!" 

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Kaitlyn was just a senior in high school when she got off the bus, like she always had, stepped into the street and POW! Just like that, she was hit by a car. Unconscious, a coma and a stroke... she shouldn't have lived... but she did and you will never believe the gratitude this young lady has, for what happened to her. She's living her best life now and has a message to the world about doing the same!

Joshua Williams - Joshua was born with cerebral palsy. They realized when he was around 2 years old. He would have 5 surgeries to help make him better, instead, they made him worse. To look at Joshua, you would think it would be impossible for him to get around, but, instead, he's hard to get to stay still! Joshua lives a life encouraging others!

Amy Martinez - Amy lost all 4 of her limbs when she had a kidney stone turn into sepsis. Amy had a 1 and 3 year old at the time and the rest of her life ahead of her. This could have taken her into a very dark place, wanting to give up, but she knew her children needed her and felt she could get through and share her story with others.

Kassidy Brewer - Kassidy had an aneurysm burst in her brain when she was just 13. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an overall athlete, her world was forever changed... but today, 10 years later, she's the same person she's always been... double black belt and all!

Alex Ruiz - A high school senior and athlete, Alex was a Junior playing an away football game as his high school's quarterback, when his whole life changed... he was hit from the side, dislocating his right knee and tearing the popliteal artery. This would result in amputation of his lower leg. For a teen, this should seem like the end of the world, and at times, I'm sure it did... but Alex wouldn't stay in that place, his faith and his perspective has allowed him to reinvent himself and help him share his story and message with others.