Charity for Charity beneficiaries

Est. 2007

Charity for Charity beneficiaries are some of the most incredible individuals you’ll ever meet. Our beneficiaries are either struggling with a life-threatening illness or a traumatic injury, which, for anyone without either of these, would think it was the most devastating or depressing thing you could ever deal with. What we have found, is that these individuals are the most positive, non-complaining, humble and determined humans you could ever meet. Whether they are surrounded by family, friends or have non, these special people come to us with a smile, even amidst some tears. They all share the positive attitude that they will overcome and fight the good fight. Even those who have passed on, were inspiring us as much as we inspired them, up to the last breath.
People ask how we choose our beneficiaries. Well, it’s not easy. We accept applications online from the beneficiaries themselves, a family member, a close friend, or sometimes from a stranger. Once we gather all the applications, our Advisory Board meets, reads all the applications and then must choose the main beneficiaries for that coming year. Here’s what helps us get through the tough part… we always do SOMETHING for EVERY nominated beneficiary even if they don’t get selected as our main for that year.
When you are dealing with a life-threatening illness or traumatic injury, you are not at a place financially, emotionally or otherwise, to do something you’ve always dreamed to do. BUT, when someone surprises you with a wish, you are obligated to accept and participate without guilt. Our wishes are so much more then wishes, for some, it takes them out of the pain and struggle for even just a moment. For others, its their families last special memory to treasure.  

Meet our 2022 beneficiaries

Romello Ray

Rachel Skinner

Todd Hilton


Romllo (Mello) was 16 years old when he was struck by a car while walking in his community. He is currently working hard on recovery with a long road ahead. He is currently 17 years old, non verbal and wheel chair bound. 

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Rachel was diagnosed with 2B Osteosarcoma in her knee resulting in a full knee replacement. In 2020, the cancer spread to her femur resulting in a full leg amputation. She is currently battling stage 4 Metastic Osteosarcoma.


Todd was in his classroom teaching math when he started feeling tingling on his right side. The ambulance was called and within 24 hours, he suffered 3 strokes Todd is working hard to recover but has a difficult time putting his thoughts into words. He is also currently wheelchair bound.


Wishes do come true

American girl doll fantast vacation to New York * Family vacation European Cruise * Rome * Golf Tournament * Spa Day * Race Car driving Las Vegas * Coaches box NY Jets * Comic Con * Washington DC * White House tour * Road trip across America * Disneyland * Disney World * Hawaii Aulani * Universal Studios Florida * Movie Premier Hollywood * Disney cruise * Mechanical hands * Handicap accessible backyard * Sea World * Snow party * Built in backyard splash pad * Tim Hawkins show * Wizardcon * Morphicon * Pole position * Angels season pass * Chargers experience * custom jersey * Napa * lunch with Dan Henderson * Big Bear vacation * Trip to Israel * Trip to the Philipines * 6 months of housekeeping * Giant gummy bear * IKON season pass * Uber cards * Playstation * College fund * Family vacation Palm Springs * Golfing with Ricky Fowler * Chevt Trax * Pirates dinner * Custom golf clubs * Knotts Soak City * Family vacation to Paris * $1000 worth of groceries * Dedicated "stars in the sky" * Beneficiary family photos * Baby shower * Fire truck with Santa * Princess snow party * Swimming legs * Angels brick in stadium * Santa * Washing machine * Chargers meet and greet * MMA training * meet and greet Dana White and Mike Tyson * Chevy Traverse * Handicap accessible van * Card my Yard surprise * Christmas caroling * Assistance with medical bills * handicap accessible supplies * Sensory equipment * Softball camp * Riders retreat * family vacation to Zion * Exotic race car experience * Tank ride with the military * Movie theater experience * Toys R Us shopping spree * Swimming pool and equipment * mini fridge * Girls spa day *